Call For Papers

Improving the Quality and Safety of Telehealth: A Call for Papers on Telehealth

The Journal is interested in publishing studies on telehealth, including retrospective analyses of quality and safety issues and prospective studies of strategies to improve quality, safety, access to care, and utilization. Telehealth is here to stay, and we have much to learn about how best to deliver care in this way.

The Journey to Achieve Health Care Equity: The New Joint Commission Accreditation Standard and Call for Papers

The Joint Commission recently developed and published a new accreditation Leadership (LD) standard and associated elements of performance (EPs) for health care equity for hospitals, ambulatory group medical practices, and selected behavioral health centers. The Journal is interested in original research on interventions to address health-related social needs (HRSNs) and ameliorate health care disparities. Descriptive studies of how organizations collect HRSN data from patients, store the data in electronic health records, analyze HRSN data, and refer patients to receive social services are also of interest.