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Cordula Wagner, PhD, Executive Director, NIVEL, Utrecht

Cordula Wagner

Cordula Wagner, PhD (physiotherapist, sociologist), is executive director of the Netherlands Institute of Health Services Research (NIVEL) in Utrecht and works as a professor of patient safety at VU University / Amsterdam University Medical Center in Amsterdam. She is also head of the research center ‘Safety 4 Patients,’ a collaboration of Amsterdam Public Health research institute (APH) and NIVEL.

Cordula’s main interest is the improvement of organizational structures and cultures to improve health care for patients. Therefore, it is important to find and evaluate valuable solutions improving health care for patients and supporting stakeholders engaged in health care. Based on scientific evidence, she strives for new knowledge and products supporting health care professionals and policy makers in their work, as well as monitoring day-to-day quality, safety risks and compliance to improve the sustainability of the health care system.