From the Editor

David Baker

Welcome to The Joint Commission Journal of Quality and Patient Safety website. This is an exciting time at the Journal as we move to publication by Elsevier after more than four decades of self-publishing. Elsevier’s online article submission system (EVISE) has allowed us to markedly reduce our review time, and our “Your Paper Your Way ” option enables authors to submit a single PDF of all text, tables, figures, and references without reformatting to Journal specifications for the initial submission. Authors will be able to share their great work without having to wait for publication in the Journal because we are now posting “articles-in-press” on our website.

Our website also offers new functionality, with improved search accuracy, more robust categorization, and a much-improved reading experience. We can add depth and value to articles through enhancements such as 3-D visualizations or interactive tools. You can create personal collections of content, request personal alerts across Elsevier’s 500+ journals, and access special-topic collections.

But much has stayed the same. We remain committed to allowing authors to publish longer articles to describe their methods in enough detail that others can implement their improvement strategies. Despite improvements in quality and safety, a gulf still remains between our current state and what is possible. But every day we hear great ideas and see outstanding projects from dedicated individuals working to make care better. If we share our best ideas, learn from both our successes and our failures, and continually strive to take our collective work to the next level, we will one day achieve the health care that we all want to deliver and that patients throughout the world all deserve. Our goal is to make the Journal the learning community that will make this possible.