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Michael DeVita, MD, FCCM, FACP, Director of Critical Care, Harlem Hospital Center

Michael DeVita

Dr. DeVita is a critical care physician with expertise in rapid response systems, end of life care in the ICU, and ethics. He is lead editor of three textbooks on rapid response systems, and is the Inaugural President of the International Society for Rapid Response Systems.

Dr DeVita has been a leader in performance improvement for almost 20 years. After being challenged to make cardiac arrest in hospital a thing of the past, he led a team in 1999 to create the first rapid response system in the Western Hemisphere. At UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, the RRS reduced all cause hospital mortality by 17%, and reduced cardiac arrest events by almost 70%. He was conference director for the first three annual International Meetings on Rapid Response Systems, was lead author of two consensus conference statements about RRS, and has led the formation of the International Society for Rapid Response Systems while promoting RRSs around the world. His team has also demonstrated the ability of RRSs to detect systemic errors in health care delivery that may repeat and be fatal. He has also served as president of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. His current interest is in improving the ability to detect deteriorating patients through widespread use of continuous physiological monitoring. Finally, Dr. DeVita is a renowned ethicist, particularly as it pertains to organ donation. He led the development of the first policy on donation after circulator determination of death in the United States.